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Recruitment Strategy – We can advise you on how to increase and improve your Indigenous recruitment strategies and practices—by helping you close the gaps in your 

Recruitment Campaigns – We will work with you to develop a customized campaign—with the  selection of recruitment channels—that best supports the objectives of your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Training– Through our all-in-one skills development platform, your candidates and employees will have access to thousands of courses to support their skills development.

Building Candidate Readiness

By Registering with us, you will get access to a management system loaded with 

This process is very simply. Simply send us your job requirements for the roles you need filled, which should include such details about the roles and responsibilities,  education required, skills, location, salary range, expected start date and nay other such materials you feel are necessary. From that, we will set-up your requirements within our platform that will be used to match candidates. 

As we will be working to connect with your company, we will need to ensure they understand who you are, what you do, how you operated, where you are located, your values, your culture and more. As part of our services will build within our platform a Corporate section that would include your orientation and profile. It will also include job opportunities and the details so that each candidate is well verse in you and their opportunities.  

Once we have all your details, the platform will be structured to provide all the relevant details to our candidates. You will receive access to the system by way of username and password and provided with a link. There is no technology set-up require and no training required. It is very simple!

Once we have your job requirements, they will be added to our platform and added to your profile. From there, we will begin our process for matching, assessing, skilling and developing the resources we feel best match your needs.  We will do all the work to support you.

As candidates are matched to your requirements, they will be guided and supported on interviewing steps and ensuring they understand “all about you” from the materials within the platform. You will then have the opportunity to schedule an interview that can also be scheduled and hosted through the system. We would also help coordinate these next steps.

Once you select a candidate, they will be provided with your Orientation package already loaded in the platform. They will also continue to receive ongoing support even after being hired. Through the platform, they will have access to all the resources they need to help them develop even more skills as their careers begin to move forward. They will also be able to communicate with us and our counsellors at any time to provide them with the support they might need to ensure they are successful with you.  

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