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Individual Programs

Career Assessment – Let our system help determine your skills for the careers you want to enter. The assessments will provide you with a clear picture of your gaps and show you how and where to improve.

Career Mapping – Through our platform, you will have access to learning paths that support your Career ambitions for not only today, but also  growing with you for the jobs of tomorrow.

Career Development – Through our all-in-one skills development platform, you will have access to thousands of courses to support your skills development journey.

Individual Career Planning

With a focus on Indigenous,  black and people of colour, our goal is to advance employment opportunities in the financial sector. As each person has their own experiences, education and skills, working together with our career planning partners, collaborated through our skills development platform, we will create more job ready BIPOC. By also partnering with corporates across Canada’s financial sector, we will be working to match candidates to the market demand. 

We work with our Indigenous communities as well as other people of colour to explore career options for each. First, by completing your profile, we can make you aware of the many career possibilities that exist. In addition, you will also discover the skills, educational requirements, and personal attributes needed to be successful in the various fields. Gathering this information will help career counselors make suggestions for majors, jobs, and careers that would fit in with your interests and skills. The goal here is to come up with a few options for you.

You will be assessed on your essential skills, soft skills and technical skills for the job role you are interested in. These assessments will provide you and your career counsellors with transparency on your skills gaps and help frame the preparation roadmap required for job readiness.

Once we understand your skills gaps, we are able to then help you further develop the credentials required for your job of interest in the financial industry. This is accomplished through access to thousands of courses across all the skills you would need.  It is also important that your social media represents your personal brand. Employers today are viewing more social profiles to get a true sense of possible employee core values.

Preparing you for your job search includes helping structure your resume to includes your credentials, experiences and your skill advancements. It will also include coaching and prep on interview engagement, practice with use of video conferencing and Q&A practicing.

Our support in your career development journey does not stop once you get employed. Through our platform, we will continue to provide you with ongoing support. If you need help in advancing your skills for a project, need help in developing any of your skills, you will have access to our growing library. Our goal is to ensure you are successful not only for you, but also for your employer.  We can grow together!

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