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Career Planning Services in the Financial Sector

Counsellor and Employment Center Partner Programs

Career Counsellor Support– We can provide you with access to our skills platform that includes assessments, skills content and a management platform to support your candidates.  

Customized Solutions – We can provide customize solutions to support your own services. This could include content development, a customized platform and learning paths.

Your Own Platform – For Indigenous Employment centers, BIPOC counselors we can provide you with your own branded, managed, fully loaded Skills Development Platform as part of our VAR program.  

Career Counsellor Support

Many career counsellors and employment centers across the country also need support in  understanding each of their candidate’s skills gaps and being able to provide access to skills development programs, online resources and career development tools. In partnership with Indigenous Works, you will have access to all the resources you need to better support their candidates in becoming job ready. 

Your communities and candidates trust you and we want to support that by being part of your support process. In doing so, once you become one of our partners, you will be provided with administrative access to your branded platform which would provide you with all the resources required to support your candidates.  We would work with you to set-up the platform, help integrate your candidates, align required resources, assessments, content and reporting. Our all-on-one solution will help you become more effective, efficient and provide increased benefits to your candidates that they will thank you!

Our goal in supporting counsellor and employment centers across Canada is to create an ecosystem that creates opportunities that go beyond local communities. With access to our platform, you will be able to easily focus on your people development while we continue to work to provide you with you with the resources you require.  This will include employment opportunity pipeline, access to resources to assess, train, communication and support your candidates for their immediate needs, but also with them in the future. 

While you would be working with candidates that are interested in all sectors, our current focus is in supporting the financial sector by building a pipeline of candidates that could be placed with financial companies across Canada. As we work with you, we will be looking for candidates that can become part of our pipeline of resources to introduce to our corporate partners. As we grow together, we will also begin looking at other sectors that could help expand your employment pipeline for your candidates. 

Your platform will provide you with complete governance over your candidates, their progress, results and with the ability to interact fully. You will also be able to access a robust reporting repository so that you can have reviews with candidates, status and result based reports up to other stakeholders not only during the development of your candidates, but also throughout their career growth. 

It is important that even after your candidates get placed that they are still able to have someone they can connect with for support. While on the job, through our platform, you will be able to stay connected. Your candidates would continue to have access to the system to be able to continually develop their skills. Our library of resources will continue to support them, but that also includes their ability to ask questions, advice and also collaboration with their peers from your center. All within the platform. This way they are never alone!

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