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YouTube marketing is classified under content marketing but there’s so much to explore in this topic that we created a separate course on it. YouTube marketing gives you a great opportunity to capture the attention of your audience and more effectively convey your message. It also adds a personal touch to your message as your audience can see and hear you. This is the fourth course in a series of four courses on marketing for beginners and it will teach you the basics of marketing using YouTube. You will learn the steps of starting a YouTube channel as well as some do’s and don’ts. Learning objectives: – Learn the steps in starting a YouTube channel – Learn why it’s important to choose the right name for your YouTube channel – Learn three tips for picking a name for your channel – Learn three common mistakes that beginners make in naming their channels – Learn how to prevent these mistakes – Learn the five steps for creating effective ads on YouTube – Learn four tips for creating effective YouTube ads

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  • Building your essential skills
  • Develop your soft skills
  • Enhance your technical skills
  • Learn new skills for the jobs of tomorrow!
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